Corporate Services

Alcohol Support Kirklees (ASK) offers confidential business to business advice, consultation and support to companies who are experiencing problems with employees who are suffering through alcohol misuse and thus endangering company objectives/profitability. ASK will offer practical help in enabling companies to identify telltale signs of alcohol abuse. ASK will suggest ways of handling employees’ problem drinking so that health and safety considerations and company goals are protected.

Where appropriate, businesses can refer employees for a confidential consultation, either on business premises, or in the employees’ own homes.

Employees are thus motivated into taking responsibility for their own issues and into making appropriate lifestyle changes so that both company and employee benefit.

ASK is a confidential Rational Recovery organisation which provides non-religious effective help to all those suffering directly or indirectly through alcohol abuse.

Based on over forty years’ experience of alcohol, ASK uses an enthusiastic step by step approach, combining empathy with a pragmatic practical style, tempered with an appropriate sense of humour.

The aim is to motivate people, initially on a one to one basis, to start to handle their problems and get back to normality.

ASK’s message to anyone searching for a way out is that you are not alone, there is hope and it can be done.


ASK has five star full Yorkshire & Humberside and East Midlands Suppliers Quality Assured Standard approval.
ASK is registered with the Yorkshire & Humber region supplier and contract management system (SCMS).