ASK – One to One Services

ASK – Has no waiting list, no unnecessary referral forms or procedures to complete, and no disclaimers.

Simply by finding ASK in the first place, you have referred yourself.  An initial confidential chat on the phone will put you more at ease. You will be able to present your concerns, discuss your situation briefly, and then look at some options which could include arranging a meeting in your own home.

ASK – What Do You Get?

  • You can arrange a consultation in private with Director Alan Walker to see if you really have an alcohol problem. He is fully qualified and able to help you.
  • Your complete confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.
  • You will have a chance to change if you want.
  • You will have practical assistance in identifying some options for you.
  • You will have the opportunity of using a free of charge and powerful support system which works.
  • You can opt for ongoing counselling (if you want), with someone who understands.
  • You will experience the realisation that the problem and solution are within you.
  • You will discover a way out of the mess.

ASK – what does it cost? Click here to find out