ASK – How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to get in touch by email or phone to enquire about your own situation or to explain your concerns about somebody else you know who is drinking too much. ASK can give you immediate email information, fact sheets, or suggestions for future action.  Often this is all that’s needed at this stage.

Should you want to go into more depth, cost can be agreed according to individual circumstances.

Prices start from around £60/Hour for people who live locally.

For those who are further afield, it may be necessary to include a mileage charge,

Payment can be made by cash, by cheque, PayPal, PAYM, or by credit/debit card if you prefer.

You will be seen, usually in your own home, by the Director Alan Walker who is fully qualified to be able to relate to your situation and to help you.  Normally only one session is required, although you can arrange more sessions should you feel the need.  However, the vast majority of people have just the one session and then follow the options identified during this session.  ASK encourages feedback from clients and will also follow up at an appropriate time to see how people are getting on.

Get in touch now.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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