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ASK – What Do Other People Think?

“You gave me some good advice regards my son, Daniel, a few years ago. He seems to be doing okay at the mo. One or two issues but we’re getting there.”

“…As you say a long time, and your note arrived just the day before my 8th sober birthday which I always tell people is down to ASK and then my continued attendance and involvement in AA.

Without these two organisations I doubt if I would now be alive let alone happy , sober and back in favour with all my family.”

“Thanks for getting in touch, and for all the support you and ASK gave me in the early days of my journey.”

“…..I feel that this time will be my last, I wanted to thank you for talking to me like a normal person and not a teacher,  I will let you know how I go thanks…..”

” It was so good to meet with you last Wednesday and I’m feeling  more confident and in control every day. You have given me a lot of information to research which I am working my way through slowly but surely! Thank you so much for your help.  I’ll keep in touch.”

“I just wanted to say how helpful I found our conversation. It’s quite difficult trying to understand something we know so little about. My daughter has sung your praises so much and now I understand why.  We will keep in touch.”

“I can’t thank you enough for steering me in this direction. I have always said no to group sessions when it has been suggested before, but I am so glad I went.”

“Just a quick email to let you know I haven’t had a drink since our meeting on Monday 16th Feb 09. My family are proud of me as I am of myself too.  I feel good within myself, high spirited and more focused.”

“ASK seems to work like osmosis. Listening to others and seeing yourself and your habits reflected back does help your mind become strong against the drink.”

“…as for me I completed nine months of sobriety last week and can’t tell you the difference in myself, family, friends and work”

“I felt so low and alone. My family steered me in the direction of ASK. Seven years later I have got my life back in order and I enjoy it to the full. Every day I am dry is a bonus. ASK taught me that you need never feel alone with your drink problem. I am so truly grateful for all the help and support they gave me and continue to give to others.”

“…two weeks later I walked through the door of the Methodist Mission and saw hope for the first time in twenty years. Today, I have not had a drink for 10 months, and have never been happier. I am enjoying my sobriety every minute of every day, and I owe it all to the help and support of ASK.”

“Best money I ever spent. Thank you so much.”

“…..Very attentive, with an in depth understanding of the issues involved……”
“…Something clicked and I just realised how much of my life I have been wasting with wine. When you said I had the tools to quit and just needed to stop blaming everything else and making excuses, the penny dropped….”




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