Links and In-depth information

ASK is actively involved with delivery of drink drive rehabilitation courses monitored by the Department For Transport (DFT).  This site contains a wealth of knowledge about motoring law, sentencing, car insurance, information, news and forums on many aspects of drink driving which may help you.
A Huddersfield based charity promoting all aspects of road safety nationwide.
Excellent summary of alcohol, its absorption, distribution, elimination and effects on the human body. Definition of alcohol dependence. Plus information on alcohol related deaths and drink driving.
All you need to know about Alcoholics Anonymous and where they have meetings for you in the UK.
Useful and informative site for children of people who are drinking to excess.  Equally useful for Adult Children of alcoholic parents.
Practical support with alcohol problems in Huddersfield and other parts of Kirklees.
Lots of options if you are falling apart.
Find out if you are drinking too much and what you can do about it.
This site aims to increase awareness of alcohol related issues in the UK.
Useful information to increase self awareness and measure your own drinking patterns.
Your gateway to health information on the internet. Or call 0845 46 47.
The National Agency on alcohol misuse.
Providing health and social care policy, guidance and publications.