Welcome to Alcohol Support Kirklees (or ASK)

What can ASK do for you?

ASK offers an alternative and effective way of handling alcohol problems.

Unlike other conventional services, ASK uses a down to earth, no nonsense, non religious approach, supported by over thirty years’ experience  of tackling alcohol abuse.

If you’re concerned about your own or someone else’s drinking, you’ve come to the right place.

ASK can and will help you.

In addition to previous clients’ recommendations, more and more Kirklees GPs are referring clients for help.  Unfortunately GPs’ appointments are limited to ten or fifteen minutes.  This doesn’t always allow enough time for you to explain your situation fully.  However, ASK is willing and able to take as much time as necessary to listen, empathise, understand and then help you decide what to do.

You are not alone; one in twenty people have problems with alcohol. ASK clients come from all walks of life and look just like anybody you might see in public when you’re out and about.

There is no need to feel any shame or blame when you contact ASK. The Director Alan Walker has been there. You will always be treated with the respect, courtesy and consideration you deserve as a normal human being.  Furthermore, ASK will always remain non judgemental about you and your situation.

It takes an enormous amount of persistence and determination to continue drinking to excess, so you already have the two main things you need to make changes if you want. Whatever you may have seen or read elsewhere, be assured that you are not ill.  Nor do you have any disease.  Drinking too much is often a combination of habit and choice over time.  There is nothing to stop you from drawing on ASK’s support and experience, looking at some options for change, using your existing strengths, and choosing your own way out.

Would I benefit?
Just to see if you would benefit from ASK’s services, why not try one or both of the following tests before you decide what to do –
AUDIT questionnaire
Am I drinking too much?

Then have a good look through the rest of the site to get a better idea of what’s involved. After that, call or email for an initial chat in complete confidence to introduce yourself, get things off your chest and see how you might take it from there.

Do it now while you are in the mood.

ASK is ready when you are.